Our Guide to Using Your Keramikos Kitchen Cleaver

Cleavers are excellent versatile kitchen tools – not just for the butcher! These heavy-duty blades can be intimidating, but once you’ve read our tips and tricks for using your Keramikos Kitchen steel cleaver you’ll be singing its praises!

  • The three basic styles of cleavers are a heavyweight chopper for chopping meats and cutting poultry bones, a lightweight chopper for slicing and cutting soft foods, and a medium-weight chopper that can do both. Your Keramikos Kitchen steel cleaver is the perfect medium-weight chopper for use on all kinds of foods.
  • To use your knife, grasp the handle with one hand. With your other hand, hold the food with your fingertips curled under. Then cut carefully, using the edge of your knuckles as a guide against the blade.
  • To chop food, first clice it, then move the cleaver in a seesaw motion until it’s chopped to your liking.
  • Care for your knife by washing it with hot soapy water after each use. Dry it thoroughly, and then ensure the cleaver is stored safely.
  • For easier slicing, keep your Keramikos Kitchen cleaver in tip-top condition by storing your knife properly. Take care to not use it on materials that could damage the blade or leave it wet, which could cause rust to occur.