8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Ceramic Knives

Are you considering switching to Keramikos Kitchen ceramic knives? Here are eight benefits you’ll see once you make the switch!

  1. Ceramic is 100% stainless, meaning it’s immune to acids and caustic substances. This means Keramikos Kitchen ceramic knives are ideal for tasks such as cutting citrus fruits.
  2. With no metal ions, Keramikos Kitchen ceramic knives won’t brown foods or transfer any metallic taste or smell, so your food will always taste and look the way it should.
  3. Impervious to acids, oils, and salts, ceramic blades will never rust.
  4. Ceramic keeps its edge longer when cutting softer materials, like vegetables and other fibrous tissues.
  5. Ceramic is lightweight and easy to handle, making Keramikos Kitchen knives perfect for lengthy, repetitive cutting tasks.
  6. Harder than steel, Ceramic registers at 8.2 on the Mohs scale – just 1.7 away from the hardness of diamonds (10 Mohs)! Hardened steel is significantly softer, coming in at 5-5 Mohs.
  7. Keramikos Kitchen ceramic knives stay sharper for longer – in fact, ceramic knives can hold their edge up to 10 times longer than professional steel knives!
  8. Ceramic knives are easy to clean! Keramikos Kitchen’s advanced ceramic does not absorb food elements so you can clean with just a quick rinse and a wipe of a towel.

With our exceptional customer service and limited lifetime guarantee, Keramikos Kitchen ceramic knives are a step above the rest.

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