Caring for Your Bamboo Cutting Board

Caring for Your Bamboo Cutting Board

A Bamboo Cutting Board Needs Regular Care.

One of the most used items in a kitchen is the cutting board. You turn to it every day, sometimes for every meal. From soups to sandwiches, a cutting board is used as often your knives. A bamboo cutting board is one of the most reliable chopping blocks you can own, but after putting it through the rounds of daily chopping, do you know how to properly care for it?

Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo cutting boards are superior to other cutting boards for a number of reasons. Besides the environmental benefit to buying a cutting board made from a sustainable material, bamboo boards won’t absorb odours or stain the way plastic cutting boards do. Often made from laminated strips of bamboo, these boards don’t absorb water the way other wooden chopping boards do, which makes them less prone to warping. Their durability means you’ll have a bamboo board for much longer than any other type of cutting board.

Bamboo Cutting Board Care

Care for a bamboo cutting board in pretty straight forward. It is best to hand wash a bamboo board and dry right away. Although they are less prone to water absorption, it’s still best to dry them as soon as possible to ensure their longevity. Apply a bamboo oil to your board approximately once a month. Most kitchen stores carry butcher block oil and often will one specifically for bamboo. Apply the oil all over the board with a cotton cloth and let stand for 20 minutes. Wipe off any excess oil and let dry completely before using again.